The one who works towards upskilling women in Mathura

If, 10 years ago, you were to ask a homemaker, mother of 3 children, about what her goal in life is, she would probably say ‘to see her children succeed and be happy in their lives’. 

Society had always viewed a woman as the secondary character in a man’s life, a pillar of support for the man, and a caretaker of the family. This made women heavily dependent on other people be it for finances, interests, and hobbies, or their dreams in life. It made them lose their individuality, it made them live for others around them.

However, with changing times, mindsets change as well. Women have grown more independent over the last decade. People openly talk about the small differences and the inequalities faced by women. The business sector has also seen a growth in the participation of women. 

Deepanjali Sharma founded the NGO Shri Radha Krishna Seva Samiti nearly 12 years ago. She was a college student back then and she, along with her friends observed that the women around them were always depending upon their families or husbands for little things. Seeing this, she started the NGO that helps women stand up on their own feet by learning the basics of everyday skills.

Along with the NGO, she is also a teacher by profession. When asked about how she manages both of them together, she mentions two things: professional stability and satisfaction. She talked about how the satisfaction that she gets from the NGO is incomparable to what she achieves as a teacher. However, just like every coin has two sides, this has too. They face the challenge of facing criticism from the woman’s family, they are often told that the woman can invest time elsewhere than work and learn from the people in the NGO. They have to take the help of several counselors to resolve issues like these.

The women who have benefitted from the NGO have moved on to various small scale industries as an employee, utilising the skills that were taught to them. Some have even started their own venture such as a boutique where they sew and tailor clothes.

Shri Radha Krishna Seva Samiti continues to provide opportunities to women and give them a platform to present themselves. It also continues to spread awareness about this on their Facebook page where they talk about events and activities taking place in the NGO. Through this page, young men and women volunteer and contribute to the cause.

What are your thoughts on women helping women? Have you done your part yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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