The One Who Finds Peace Through Art

Art, the one activity which requires nothing but creativity and colours. Art, the most peaceful and therapeutic hobby. However, can this hobby maintain its purity and transform from a passion to a profession?

To find out more about this, we interviewed Divya Mehrotra. She had been working in corporate for over 20 years from sales and marketing to the IT industry, she tried every field. She quit her job in the late months of 2019 to pursue her passion for art which her daughter introduced her to.

Divya was always a creative person when it came to coding in different languages but she never truly realised her true potential until her daughter introduced her to the world of Mandala art. She began to realise that art is where her heart lies. What started as a small hobby turned into a meditative form for her. With the support that she received from her family and friends, this hobby slowly turned into a professional activity.

Taking a huge leap from her corporate career into the world of entrepreneurship was not easy, but she did it for herself, for her passion, and for her satisfaction. However, with every step you take, you see a new series of steps in front of you. She did face a lot of challenges when setting foot into this new territory, be it spreading awareness about her brand or learning things right from scratch. These challenges motivated her and continue to push her forward to do more and achieve more. 

COVID provided her with the opportunity to expand not only globally but also in terms of her activities. Along with an artist, she also became a home consultant. She aims to expand her business on a large scale by employing underprivileged women and allowing them to showcase their talent and restart or continue with a career that they genuinely love.

Mrs. Divya inspires every woman by taking the leap and following her dreams. Along with her family and two daughters, she continues to continue with her small yet passionate business to make it big and help provide back to society.

What is your hobby? Has it ever occurred to you to transform that hobby into a career? Let us know.

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