The One Who Is Building Online Platform For Organic Products

It’s easy to sit back, watch or read the news and talk about the plight of the farmers/sellers in our country. Intentionally or unintentionally, we do this now and then but have you ever thought of taking a step forward to help the people you talk about?

Kriti Sood, a graduate from Symbiosis School of Management worked and is still working as a consultant in top companies. She has always been passionate about the idea of sustainable and clean living, which pushed her to begin her venture with her team, 98Fields.

98Fields is an ecommerce platform for organic, natural, and artisanal sellers. This venture was launched during the lockdown with a few sellers that Kriti and her team knew from the offline farmers market. The word soon spread and the sellers on the platform increased from 5 to 50 under many different fields such as beauty, food, snacks, vegetables, beverages, home improvement, etc.

Since the venture began in the pandemic, the founding team did not have to face the sudden shock of everything going online. However, it was initially difficult for them to get in touch with the sellers and to increase the supplies. Not only that, but several consumers were also reluctant to buy the products due to the uncertainty of the virus spreading through materials.

They tackled all the problems one step at a time. To find sellers, they moved to online means, they contacted several sellers on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They sent uncountable cold mails to these sellers, hoping to get a response and get them on board. For the buyers, they approached their families and friends and recommended them the platform. To their surprise, their closed ones turned from trial customers to regular customers. 

Kriti believes in the idea of sustainable living and lives up to it by buying products through her platform. Her plan for the business is to reach out to consumers who share a similar mindset and can relate to the idea of the venture. 

For fellow entrepreneurs, Kriti suggests taking the leap. She believes that situations do not have to be either-or, there can exist multiple things on your plate that you want to pursue. 

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