The One Who Pursued Her Passion For Design

‘Follow your dream’ is a saying that we hear ever since childhood. An astronaut, a pilot, a teacher are some of the dream professions of a child. With time, our dreams and aspirations change, we start running after the herd called society. There are only a few who truly accomplish what they always dreamt of.Continue reading “The One Who Pursued Her Passion For Design”

The One Who Is Building Online Platform For Organic Products

It’s easy to sit back, watch or read the news and talk about the plight of the farmers/sellers in our country. Intentionally or unintentionally, we do this now and then but have you ever thought of taking a step forward to help the people you talk about? Kriti Sood, a graduate from Symbiosis School ofContinue reading “The One Who Is Building Online Platform For Organic Products”

The One Who Finds Peace Through Art

Art, the one activity which requires nothing but creativity and colours. Art, the most peaceful and therapeutic hobby. However, can this hobby maintain its purity and transform from a passion to a profession? To find out more about this, we interviewed Divya Mehrotra. She had been working in corporate for over 20 years from salesContinue reading “The One Who Finds Peace Through Art”

The one who works towards upskilling women in Mathura

If, 10 years ago, you were to ask a homemaker, mother of 3 children, about what her goal in life is, she would probably say ‘to see her children succeed and be happy in their lives’.  Society had always viewed a woman as the secondary character in a man’s life, a pillar of support forContinue reading “The one who works towards upskilling women in Mathura”